Transforming lives through laughter & happiness habits!

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About Us

The Sunshine Project is Ireland's leading expert in happiness & laughter practices.  We offer a range of unique programmes designed to promote resilience to stress, healthy self-esteem, confidence, creativity & enhance emotionally intelligence. 

Our Sunshine Services 

We have developed a range of programmes specifically designed to empower adults and children with the positive tools to manage the stress in their lives, understand their emotions, whilst promoting confidence, self-esteem, peace & calmness. 

Our clients include community organisations, public & private sector, corporate organisations, schools, conferences & events.  If you are interested in one of our programmes, please contact us here.

Our Sunshine Team

Our Sunshine team of laughter & happiness experts offer a unique combination of experience, qualifications and creative talent, together with a high energy, passion & enthusiasm for helping others become more joyful, confident and emotionally intelligent individuals. 

Our Sunshine Services

  • Be Happy Now Programme
  • Be Happy Kids Programme
  • Breathe, Laugh & Relax Class
  • Happy Hour Sessions
  • Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Training

What our customers say...

"The BE HAPPY NOW course really gave me a lift and awakened interests.  I found it really helpful.  The course tutor was fantastic, enthusiastic and inspirational."  (Louise, attendee of Be Happy Now programme)

"This is a completely new concept to me and I am very glad to have attended, as it has made me aware of the state of my mental health/emotions and has given a me a way to improve" (D. McCabrey, attendee of Breathe, Laugh & Relax class)

"Good therapy as well as team building"  (Peter, attendee of a Laughter Workshop for a team development day)

"Michelle Major makes people laugh for a living.  They laugh so hard tears roll down their face, they hoot and howl and double over exhausted and happy.  She offers people a path to sheer joy, a skip into bliss..." (Daily Mirror article on Michelle A. Major's Pursuit of Happiness' 



"Thank you so much for your professional and straightforward approach to teaching the course, your enthusiasm and passion for Laughter Yoga just radiates from you, you really are inspirational.  I thoroughly enjoyed the training ad really loved every minute of it, I can actually feel the difference it has made to me professionally already, so I am looking forward to the new journey that is now beginning for me.  Thank you so much for inspiring me to take the first steps on this new and exciting road" (Fiona Cronin, Certified Laughter Yoga Leader, Belfast)

"As someone who completed the training in Newry, I would whole heartedly recommend this course.  Guaranteed benefits and enjoyment; from the people you will meet and befriend, to the joy you will experience throughout both days from the laughter.  We need more laughter in Ireland, in our homes and workplaces, in our day to day lives, and this is a great way to encourage and achieve that"  (Jennifer McGovern, Certified Laughter Yoga Leader, Newry)